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Quest Fire Apparel PB HOOD

We designed this particle barrier hood after a tried and true hood that we have been selling for 23 years. 


Outer layer:   PBI/Lenzing tested by UL

Middle layer: Dupont Nomex Nano Flex - designed to block harmful carcinogenic

                       particles and other contaminants. Tested by UL.

Inner layer:    PBI/Lenzing tested by UL



    About Nomex Nano Flex


  1. Will stop up to 95% of submicron particles

  2. Very breathable and lightweight

  3. Dries quickly due to the Nano sized fibers which creates many channels for moisture to be carried out

  4. LOI (limiting oxygen index) is almost higher than other firefighter PPE products. 

  5. The material allows up to 90% air ventilation for comfort

  6. TPP rating increases 5-6 points while still allowing for the same situational awareness that keeps you safe

-V Hood New.png

Style # ULPBH2B2E-18-PB-V


With much research (and listening to those that put their lives on the line and expose themselves to CARCINOGENS every time that they are called to a fire), Quest has manufactured the BEST in protection, fit and durability in our Quest Particle Barrier Hood. (LIMITED SUPPLIES AVAILABLE)

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